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Our Journey

Every Story starts with a thought, from there it is only perseverance which shapes it.

Skill-Ed was conceptualized as early as 2014 as an After School Activity Program which today has taken the shape of a holistic skill-building program.

When one gets personal with one’s work, then it evolves more than a mere business, it becomes one’s Dharma! At Skill-ed, every thought, every action is reminiscent of that feeling; that passion.

Skill-ed is an initiative of Doon Global School, Dehradun. Our visionary founder Late Sh Rakesh K Agarwal built the foundations of DGS and gave us the strength to come up with the New Generation Education Delivery Model: Skill-Ed

In February 2016, Kindergarten and Daycare services were added and services reinvigorated from our end from our own facility at Rakvin House, Balliwala Chowk.

Why we are different?

At Skill-ed our primary objective becomes to make the child a confident and independent learner by embracing experiential learning pedagogies and a holistic environment, which enables the child to grow and learn- everyday becomes a day to engage a child’ curiosity with our efforts aimed at activating and channelizing the positive attributes of a child.

Our dedicated team of academic and administrative resources constantly research / brain storm new ideas to improve the learning process for the children.

With the philosophy of an INDIVIDUALISED learning experience for each the child unlike One size fits all – our kindergarten, catering to age groups 2-6, has created a niche for itself in the area of early education development and programs by means of an activity oriented and experiential learning methodology.

With the philosophy of a Home away from home, the daycare facility at Skill-ed, unlike other conventional daycare facilities strives to provide a holistic environment for a child with various activities aimed at physical, emotional and personality development of a child by engaging the child in various well-conceived activities throughout the day such as creative writing, art and crafts, music, sports and personality development.

We understand that in this age of competitive studies, the burden on a child is increasing tenfold- Skill-ed in an effort to ease the burden and enable the child to cope with his/ her academics in a better manner has conceptualized the Academic Excellence program for age groups 6-16: this program is aimed at solidifying the foundation of a child in Science (encompassing Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics and English.

Which kid doesn’t look forward to the Vacations? Skill-ed strives to make the summer and winter experience an unforgettable one, both for the child and his/ her parents, with a plethora of activities aimed at the physical and holistic development of a child.

We are still connected to our roots – Skill-ed was conceptualized in 2014 as a Post School Activity Program and it has grown since then with new activities aimed at enabling the child to realize his/her true potential.

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We really appreciate the efforts put up by Skilled team my son unsderstands easily whatever teacher teaches him because he is only 5 yrs old and sometimes I don’t know how to explain to him .So Thanks to mam for making so simple and easy

Alka Chauhan m/o Annirudha A Singh

Its been quite a hard working for the teachers and the entire team to manage the kids with utmost sincerity and enthusiasm in a very consistent manner. Thanks for the efforts team Skilled for making the learning a fun for the kids

Smita Upadhyaya m/o Abhimanyu

I think at Skill-eD every thing is perfect.

Varun Sibal f/o Viaan Varun Sibal



We are committed to enable your child to grow and learn.