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Preschool cultivates essential life skills, creativity, and adaptability, paving the way for a brighter and more empowered future for children.
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Our Core Values

"Be positive and to accept changes that occur as one grows and also to treasure harmonious relationships with family members, peers and others around"


Creating a stimulating environment that sparks curiosity, promotes creative thinking and supports intellectual growth.
Skill-ed Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Providing a safe and secure environment where children can explore, learn, and play without having any risk at Skill-ed.
Family Partnership

Family Partnership

Collaborating closely with families to ensure a consistent and encouraging learning experience for tiny tots.
Child Development

Child Development

Child's holistic development is our foundational commitment for nurturing well-rounded individuals at Skill-ed.

How to enroll your child at Skill-ed

Enroll your child today, and let's embark on this educational journey together!
Things For Kids

Kids Activites

Activities promote children's development through play, creativity and structured learning, providing a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.

Curricular Activities

Discover a world of enriching curricular activities at Skill-ed, shaping well-rounded learners.

Sports Activites

Building strong bodies and active minds through fun sports activities.

Co-curricular Activities

Explore boundless opportunities for personal growth through our enriching extra-curricular activities.

STEM Techniques

Unlocking young minds through hands-on STEM techniques at Skill-ed.
our program

Our multi-level Programs

Our programs offer a holistic approach to early childhood education, focusing on social, cognitive, and emotional development through age-appropriate activities and attentive care.
Skill-ed provides a structured environment where children are exposed to a variety of learning experiences. It focuses on fostering social, emotional, and cognitive development through play, structured activities, and basic learning experiences. We prepare children for regular school by building essential skills and independence.
The trusted day care center, where we provide a secure and caring environment for children from infancy to school age. Our dedicated team offers a nurturing atmosphere, stimulating activities and nutritious meals to support your child's growth and development.
Our after-school program is designed to enrich children's lives with engaging activities, homework support, and skill-building. We provide a safe and fun environment where kids can learn, make friends, and develop essential life skills.
Camps offer a unique blend of education and fun, providing children with memorable summer and winter experiences. Through creative activities, outdoor adventures, and social interaction, kids build friendships, develop skills, and enjoy a well-rounded summer and winter vacation.
Playing with learning

Our Classes

With its team of highly qualified teachers and staff, as well as a professionally designed curriculum, Skill-ed aims to provide the best learning environment for the developing young learners.
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About the Team Skill-ed

Our Team

Our dedicated team in Skill-ed is a passionate group of professionals committed to creating a nurturing and educational environment for your child's growth and development.
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