Developing Life Skills Or Success Skills

Life skill is an ability to adopt the change & positive mindset which enable people to face or deal with the challenges of life effectively.

It is also a set of basic skills required to have positive attitude towards the challenges of life.

It is an art of living life with positive thinking, good communication skills, good decision making ability, copying with stress, and dealing with emotions.

Life skills are being developed through our everyday experience. Communication is the most important skill for the success in life.

We all undergo in our life through ups and down. Not all days are same, and we all have to face challenges, meet demands, fulfill and manage expectations of own and others. We all have different ways and styles to cope with and encounter such challenging situations of our lives. But sometimes, the challenges (s) that we face become so huge for us that our mind and body start feeling the heat of it. Such a state is known as stress. We all feel the stress of varying degrees in our lives.

Life Skills can be developed as:-

  1. Social Skill
  • Self-awareness:- It is an important skill to develop to better communication, better leadership skills & for being able to manage and regulate our emotions and relationships.
  • Empathy:- It is also important to have a better understanding of each other and to improve social interactions
  • Interpersonal Relationships: – This life skill helps in having good relations with family and friends which is very important for our mental and social well-being.
  • Effective Communications:-


  1. Analytical skills :-
  • Critical Thinking: – It helps in interpreting situations well and taking decision accordingly.
  • Creative Thinking :- It helps in generating innovative ideas
  • Problem solving :-  It is helpful in developing  thinking skills


  1. Emotional Skills :-
  • Stress Management :-
  • Coping with Emotions: – It is very important now days as intense emotions like anger sadness and negativity can have adverse effect on our health if we are not able to have equilibrium in our life.

First of all let’s try to figure out as to how we can develop life skills or Success skills. Life skills or success skills are very much synonymous.

Here we will talk about developing life skills among adolescent students who are at the fag end of their teens.

We need to communicate with our students as to how we can make them future ready. We can adopt various methods and techniques to make them future ready.

In the first place, we have to think about developing communication skills in our children. If our children are able to communicate their emotions and sentiments in a proper way, they can manage their work with as much ease as possible.

Our children are the future of our country. It is our first responsibility to inculcate those life skills which can make them carry forward the legacy of their ancestors.

There are exceptions too. Not every child is a born-genius. We have to teach our children the success skills. Time management is also crucial aspect that needs to be taught. Not every child gets the opportunity to learn life skills. However, he can also be successful. Our current prime minister is one such example.

He learnt everything on his own. He has a dashing and dynamic personality. He is the rarest of the rare person. He was not born with silver spoon in his mouth. Despite the fact, he learnt every success skill.

Imparting life skill training through inculcating life skills will help children to overcome difficulties in life.

Life success skills include creativity, analytical thinking, problem solving, decision making and good way of communication which contributes much to the society and helps in becoming a good and responsible citizen.

Life skills are very important for success in life as a skilled person is of much worth for the healthy society and the successful country.

Success in life is not all about talent, circumstances or luck rather it is all about learning and applying of certain life skills according to the situation then analyzing the outcome and making little adjustments in our approach.

Life skills ensure our path to success.

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