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Founder Message

Ankit Aggarwal Founder Message

Doing the Doable…The Skill-ed Way

As a school, we have always believed that until we connect with our students & their parents on a regular & individualistic basis, we will not be able to justify ourselves as a real contributor to a child’s growth.

We strongly believe that each child has his/her own innate strength, which needs to be honed continuously to enhance a child’s confidence & sense of achievement. Our team understands that there is a gap between what is necessary to excel in standardized testing and what is required to succeed as an individual and an innovator; hence, we work on the regular training & development of teachers to understand students better & transform themselves from teachers into mentors.

The core of this program’s success is based on the idea that true learning comes when one seeks knowledge for oneself. The teacher, in this approach, is not a funnel of facts but a conveyor of methodology, making it easier and more interesting for a child to understand the concepts.

We also believe that parents are our most important partners in paving the way for a successful path for a child. In order to make the most of this relationship, we extensively connect with our parents by means of telephone calls, social media, & specially planned parent-connect programs, apart from regular PTMs, which are directly overseen by the chairpersons/directors of the school.

Honest and relevant feedback is a regular practice at Skill-ed, which helps us achieve the common objective of all: a child who is not just exam-ready but also life-ready.

Ankit Agarwal


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