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Best Post School Activities in Dehradun

Post School Activities

We are still connected to our roots – Skill-eD was conceptualized in 2014 as a Post School Activity Program and it has grown since then with new activities aimed at enabling the child to realize his/her true potential. Post-school activities encompass a range of programs and experiences that students can participate in after their regular school day ends. These activities are designed to offer opportunities for further enrichment, skill development, and social engagement outside of the traditional classroom setting.
Skills That Children Will Learn

Skill-ed Post School Activities

Post-school activities play a crucial role in a well-rounded education, promoting holistic development and enhancing children's overall educational experience. The various activities happening at Skill-ed are :
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Why You Should Join Skill-ed for Post School Activities?

Skill-ed stands out as the best choice for post-school activities due to its commitment to fostering holistic development in children. With a team of experienced educators and a diverse range of programs, Skill-ed provides a well-rounded and enriching environment that promotes social, cognitive, and emotional growth. Its emphasis on skill-building, creativity, and personalized learning ensures that each child can explore their interests and talents while preparing for their future educational journey.
Interaction with peers and mentors fosters social skills, teamwork, and friendships.
Engaging in activities outside of screens can reduce excessive screen time and its associated drawbacks.
These activities help in Achieving goals and mastering new skills boosts self-esteem and confidence.
These activities provide opportunities to acquire new skills, whether they are academic, artistic or social at skill=ed.
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